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Science fiction is in my opinion the most intellectual and creative form of art. This object, known as the tesseract is a source of pure energy in the marvel universe. First appeared in the movie captain america, then the avengers, it is in fact an object of fascination, and having one in your room is damn cool!

If you are a sci-fi fan you should check out this instructable for a step by step guide for building the tesseract.

Step 1: Raw Materials

I have made it for using it as a nightlamp. Thats why I've used a 3V adapter instead of a coincell battery.

1.A blue-colored file, I have used a blue-colored office-file used for keeping papers. Make sure its transparent.

2. Synthetic cotton

3. Blue LED

4. Wires

5. Transparent tape

6. A 3V adapter.

Step 2: The Cube

I have made a 8 cm square faced cube. I used a ruler and pencil to draw out the straight lines and then made markings after proper measurements.

After that, I used scissors to cut out the sheet according to the markings.

Use transparent tape to the attach square faces together.

Attach five sqaure faces, leave out the last. We will attach that later.

Step 3: Use of Cotton

Insert synthetic cotton in adequate amount inside the cube. The purpose of the cotton is to spread the intense light coming out from the blue LED.

Step 4: The Last Face

Make a hole in the last face for passing the wires. Insert a blue LED in such a way that it stays just at the centre of the cube. Attach the face with the rest of the cube with tape.

Step 5: Finishing

Find an appropriate place for keeping you tesseract lamp. Then connect a 3V adapter and light it up.

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    1 year ago

    1st dimension: A line.

    2nd Dimension: A shape.

    3rd Dimension: Solid, tangible objects.

    4th dimension: Time and Space.

    5th Dimension: A tesseract, which is a portal that bends time and space.


    Reply 3 years ago

    maybe have the cord run up your sleeve so you can hold the tesseracts in your hand


    3 years ago

    ive been wanting to do one of these sometime soon.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks man!! Well I got the cotton from an upholstery shop....Good luck getting them!! You can use normal cotton too!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, great! Nice and easy!

    Maybe you can find a way to add some transulecent textures on cube's surface (to be more look-alike the original Tesseract), so the led inside can create an even better result! :)

    Btw, great project! Congratulations! ;)

    2 replies

    Beauty in simplicity :). I loved how you have used day to day object to create something so awesome :)