The Ultimate Emulator System Using HyperSpin




Introduction: The Ultimate Emulator System Using HyperSpin

About: When I do something, I research it I order to get the best outcome by any means. Sometime I do revers engineering in order to get the best goal I can get.

In a way this is the second part to the MAME posting i did a while back. I this guide I will go over what you need to know on making the Ultimate Emulator System for any one to follow. This will there depending on how much you can spend and are willing to go to have an extremely nice system. Each part will be split up so you can stop where you can and get the best experience out of this.

Part 0: Ethics on emulators

This part is to go over the ethics of using emulators and the does and don'ts when it comes to them.

Part 1: Computer End

This is to go over what you need for your computer to run these emulators.

Part 2: Hyperspin Setup

This is a guide for using the best free Front end for you emulators and having them in one easy place.

Part 3: The Cabnet and ways to save cash

This is for making a cabent for you games and how to save money when it comes to getting what you need.

Part 4: Play

Do I really need to explain?

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Step 1: Part 0: Ethics on Emulators

An emulator is a program that allows you to play an old video game from old systems. there is almost one for every system out there and for every type of game. From Arcade games to the classic consoles. Now while these are free, plz download only games you own in real life. But you are on your own when you download your roms.

Step 2: Part 1: Computer End

Now depending on you computer's specs, you can play the emulators. I have two computers, a normal laptop that cant play anything after PS2, GameCube, Dreamcast, and Xbox, but My Gaming desktop can. The more powerful you PC is, the better off you are for this.

Now my desktop pc is CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2140 Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-6300 (3.50GHz) 16GB DDR3 500GB HDD Windows 8.1 64-bit but I upgraded the power supply and video card. I can play dream cast on it but GameCube it a bit off.

If the ram in you computer can go higher. Do it!

One way to fix this is to have a motherboard with four slots for ram and the highest ram cards you can get. Oh! and a great Video and Sound card. If you can split up the work load when playing the games, the better. or it will lag like crazy.

Now it is time for you emulators you want.

Also you will need to buy a program called Xpadder. This will allow you to set keyboard commands on your controller. For $10 it is a must have program.

Step 3: Part 1: the Emulators

I have the URLS for all the emulators that I currently use and I trust. For most emulators when you download them, they are in a zip. Once you unzip them, most of them run as applications but a few of them may need to be installed. there will be a set of files, one is roms. Now as for the roms, leave the zipped, but some may need to be unzipped to get to the roms. To make sure you can keep track of the fill locations, in hyperspin under the emulator folder, there are different folders with names of systems. For the emulators that don't need to me installed, place them in the folder of the system it is emulating.

here is the folder layout for you when placing in the emulators:

Computer>Local Disk (C:)>HyperSpin>Emulators>NAME OF THE SYSTEM


fceux 2.1.5


Roms don't need to be unzipped




Roms don't need to be unzipped



They need to be unzipped. Files are n64, v64, V64, z64

The best Emulator I found Is Project 64 1.6. It is an install so keep track of its location when you add in the roms.

GameCube and Wii


They need to be unzipped. Files are ios




Roms don't need to be unzipped

Sega Genesis-Sega CD



Roms don't need to be unzipped

Now when you want to play Sega CD games and 32x games you will need to go search for the bios for them.




These roms need to be unzipped. File types are bin. ios

Once you run the program, you need you download the bios, you have to find them on your own but there is a txt file that gives you the name. once you download the bios just put them in the right file location of the emulator.

Dreamcast and Noami

Okay, this one was a pain to work with. This URL is to a youtuber how has made a preset for fighting games, when you download the files, unzip them. Place the files in the Hyperspin>Emlator>Dreamcast. Follow his steps after this and you should be set.

Just have a good video card and at least 16GB of RAM. Before I got 16, I had 8 and the audio lagged and would crash from overheating. Leave the files Zipped.

Oh One thing that I recomend you do is to remove gpuDX11.dll from the plugins and rename gpuDX10.dll to gpuDX11.dll. your better off.


The emulator is for running classic arcade games, head on over to Mame and download the version that will work with hyperspin. I am using MAME 0.154

Roms can be downloaded when you click MAME FILES. its is a massive 44GB file. You can download them indavudaly or all at once, but it will take some time. (these also include NEO-GEO titles as well and Capcom 3)


wjinKawaks 1.63


Now you can find the roms on the same site, but some of them are a hit and miss. Leave them zipped and loaded them into the rom folder of the program. There are about 140 roms and this program can also run capcom 1 and 2 games as well, but just use it for neogeo games. Some of the roms can be found in the 44GB mame rom folder.

Step 4: Part 2: FrontEnd Setup

Now you may not what to go in and out of each of your emulators and scan through all the roms and setting up the controls for each game. Well there is an easy way to get around this and make your collection look nice. That is called HyperSpin.

HyperSpin is a comunity driven front end that alows you to go in and out of all of your games, with video samples and themes that you can download later on.

First you need to head other to HyperSpinand make an account to download the program and the themes. After that, go to Downloads>HyperSpin v1.0 Downloads>HyperSpin v1.0 Realeases>HyperSpin>HyperSpin Install Files v1.3.2.0

Once the file is downloaded, unzip it in to your C drive and place all of the emulators in the correct locations like I showed you in the last step. Once that is done, I would go and make short cuts for each program I have listed.




and a hidden program in HyperSpin>hyperluanch>HyperLaunchHQ called


Step 5: Part 2: New System, HyperHQ, and HyperLaunchHQ Setup

Now all the programs should be in the correct location and now I would like you to run HyperLaunchHQ.

There will be a prompt asking you to look for a program called HyperLaunch, it should be in the folder before HQ.Once that is done HLHQ should run.

This program is made for launching the emulators you have, the roms you picked, and closing it when you wanted it to. Some of the emulators will not launch the way you want them to so you can ignore them for later.

Adding a New System

  1. Pick out the system that you want and head over to HyperList for the XML file that we will need.
  2. There should be a list of system names and buttons next to them. Click on the orange button under downloads called XML.
  3. Open HyperHQ and click on Main Menu Wizard
  4. click on the green plus
  5. type in the name of the new system the same as the XML file you downloaded.
  6. Under the first question click "Yes"
  7. Find the area that you wish to add the new system in by clicking on the nearest current system and pick before or after. Then click yes
  8. hit Next
  9. now go to the system's database folder and drop in th XML file
  10. now you have a new system.

For Emulators that just use HyperHQ

  1. chose the system that you wish to set up from the drop down list "Choose A Wheel"
  2. For "Exucution" click normal, "PC Game" Disabled, "Use Fulll Path To Roms" Enabled, "Search Subfolders" Enabled
  3. for "Extensions" type in the file type (if there is more then one type separate them with "," and no spaces)
  4. Click on the folder of "Executable" and find the emulator you wish to use.
  5. Click on the folder of "Rom Path" and find the folder holding the roms for that emulator.
  6. On "Navigation/Themes" tab check off on "Wheel Filters" Roms Only then any of the others if needed
  7. ready to go.

    For Emulators that need to use HyperLaunchHQ

    1. 1. In "For Emulators that just use HyperHQ" run through all steps, but on "Execution" hit HyperLuanch and skip #4
    2. Launch HyperLaunchHQ
    3. First area that you should be in is called Global. Here, any content you make for HyperSpin will carry to all of the systems that it relates to. Click on the Emulator tab and click on the green Plus to add an emulator. ( you must have the correct version of the emulator that is listed)
    4. A window should have shown up.

    Emulator that need HyperLaunchHQ

    1. Project 64
    2. Steam Games
    3. PC games not related to Steam
    4. WinKawaks
    5. Demul
    6. Dolphin

    Emulators that don't need HyperlaunchHQ

    1. MAME

    Step 6: Part 2: Setting Up Xpadder to Control HyperSpin

    Now if you bought the program Xpadder like I told you to, we are going to set up the controls for the main menu, emulators that need them and some of your PC games that only use a keyboard. Some of the emulators allow you to reprogram the controls to use a game pad or in this case, our Xin Mo. For these just go ahead and reprogram the controls, but we will still use Xpadder for the EXIT and ENTER commands to close them.

    Main Menu and Emulators that don't need Xpadder

    1. Take your Xpadder program and move it to a folder in the HyperSpin folder
    2. If you haven't run Xpadder yet, take this time to run it. Once it is done, close the program and head to Show Hidden Icons in the bottom right corner. Find Xpadder, right click it, and hit Exit. Now it is closed.
    3. Launch HyperLaunchHQ, while in Global,open Third Party tab and scroll to KeyMapper.
    4. In the Xpadder Path look for where you have the Xpadder.exe, in Frontend Profile Name it should be HyperSpin and Frontend Profile should be xpadder.
    5. Now Click on the Keymapper tab ( the controller Icon) and click on the Xpadder tab.
    6. In settings of GLOBAL settings head to Keymapper, have Keymapper set to xpadder and pick out the Preffered Controllers you want to use that is plugged in.
    7. Plugin you usb controller and click on the green plus on the top window. A new window should pop up and there you will map your controls.
    8. Now make a new controller. It is straight forward so once you have all the buttons and sticks set save it and now map the keyboard commands to the buttons. In HyperHQ you can find the controls for the interface system.
    9. Once you map the buttons you should be set. Just save as P1 for player one and P2 for player two.
    10. In HyperLaunchHQ go to settings and pick a system. go to the keymapper make all options false and no Preferred Controllers for all systems. But SNK Neo Geo
    11. SNK Neo Geo will need to have an xpadder set up for it. Just have it set to the controls of the emulator by making two controllers set for each player. 2 only.

    you should be set.

    Step 7: Part 2: Adding Themes to Games

    This has to be the easiest thing you can do in HyperSpin. Themes, videos, wheel art, and box art are elemnts that you can download later on and let you know what system or game you are picking out before you play it. You can grab themes and some wheel art other at HyperSpin v1.0 Downlaods. Just pick out what you want and download the file. For the snaps/videos of the systems and games, head on over to EmuMovies. Now all the zip files of the themes, video, music, wheel art, ect must have the same name of the system file and for the game files. If you can't find the right name just check for the name in the Database for the XML file. Main Menu for the systems and the systems own XML file for the name of the roms/game files.

    Themes may have the wheel art in them. Just click to open the zip, DON'T UNZIP IT, and you should find n image with the same name as the zip. If not, it should be in there, just click on one of the images and open the preview for it. Look until you find the name of the game. Now just copy and past it outside of the zipped file and rename it if need be.

    Here is the locations to place them.

    Wheel Art

    HyperSpin>Media>NAME OF THE SYSTEM>image>wheel art

    Box Art

    HyperSpin>Media>NAME OF THE SYSTEM>image>boxart


    HyperSpin>Media>NAME OF THE SYSTEM>video


    HyperSpin>Media>NAME OF THE SYSTEM>themes


    HyperSpin>Media>NAME OF THE SYSTEM>sound>

    Step 8: Part 2: Getting PC Themes With Steam

    For This check out the video

    Step 9: Part 3: the Cabnet and Ways to Save Cash

    Okay now as for the cabnet this may be a bit cheap on my part but I feel this is the best way to do this.

    First is what style of Cabnet that you are wanting to make. There are three main types to choice from. The classic style that can range from one too four or eight players depending on what you want, counter top style that sits on the counter and normaly requires less in matieral, and cocktail style that looks like a table with controls on opposising sides. Now you can find old arcade systems on online and this is a time saver. But for this we are making a counter top style and we are using the specs for the design of the sides from ChromationSystems. He is what sparked this build so follow him.

    Now as for the inside of the system depends on your monitor you are playing on using. I am using a small HD tv I found in the trash in perfect condition. Saved me $150.00.

    Step 10: Part 3: the Cabinet and Ways to Save Cash (what You Will Need)


    • Drill press
    • hand drill
      • nail gun ( air compressed are the best)
      • Table saw
      • Jig saw
      • whatever you may need.


      • 2X (4"x8"x1/4' finshed plly wood)
      • 7x (1'x2'x8" beams)
      • wood blue
      • cheap walmart picture frame for the plastic for the marque and bezel or 1/8 in 4x4 aqrulic sheet
      • small wood screws
      • stain and polyurethane or paint of your choice


      • 2x 4-8way arcade joy sticks
      • a leats 20x happa arcade buttons or any arcade buttons
      • 2x player buttons
      • Xin Mo Dual player control board
      • a small HDTV or small monitor
      • speakers if you didn't get a tv

      Optional Parts

      • USB splitter
      • brass lock
      • 360 or USB controller like a ps3 controler
      • 1/8 headphone stereo parts (both male and female, three of each)
      • USB extension
      • a multy input and output headphone spliter.

      Step 11: Part 3: the Cabinet (the Build)

      Okay for the build of the arcade's body, I recommend using the link below for this part. This is the instrucable that I used for mine but I altered it a bit to fit what I wanted to do. You can find other instrucables for making an arcade system or just the controller. If you look at the pictures above, You can see how my dad and I built ours. This is all up to you.

      Now for spacing out the buttons and the stick, you may need to make your own style. Now it is pretty basic and you need to make sure that they are all spaced evenly apart. I have a basic template for you to refer to, it is the best one I could find.

      Now what I recommend is that if you want to have a different control setup. You should make the board that the buttons removable. That way you can have the classic arcade setup, racing, shooting, and flying arcade setup. And if you have some wood left over, you can make a body similar to that of the control area of the arcade unit so you can have a portable arcade stick for pc, ps3, and 360 (depending on what xin mo board you bought).

      After have your arcade built, it is time for you to sand her down and get her ready to paint. I went and stained it and hit it with a few coats of poluathain. Now if you have your tv mounted in already like I did. Wrap it in a garbage bag and leave it on until you are done painting.

      Once you are done painting it, take your face plate for the system and lay it on top of you acrylic and trace out the shape that will be behind the face. Take your time cutting it out, while it is strong stuff, it will break if you rush it. And at this time, you should also cut out the piece for the marquee. how you design your marquee is all up to you, I recommend that you find a custom print place that will print your design on vinyl. As for the lighting, a cheap plug in LED light bar will work.

      Okay now the last ting that you should do, is to make a removable floor on the inside of your arcade unit. That way you can have everything inside the unit with no wire, cables, or anything hanging out that could get caught on something. If you have any acrylic left over, you can take it and make a protective layer on the controls to protect a design on your control if you have any.

      For some of the games I have I need a 360 controller so I placed in a USB Hub with a brass door lock in front of it.

      Step 12: Part 4: Play

      That is all I have to tell you, your Aracade shouid be done and ready to play. Now this DIY will be updated regularly when ever I get a new system on my arcade unit. So if you have any questions, leave a comment and I will help you out and make an update on the build. Till then, GAME ON!

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        No need for that anymore, it just got updated :)


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        Instead of buying xpadder you can just use antimicro for free.
        It doesn't look as good but does the job.I recommend that you try it and if you like it then possibly use it in place of xpadder for this instructable.


        5 years ago on Step 8

        What is that theme or live wallpaper you are using on the setting up steam games for hyperspin video? this is sooooo very helpful!


        Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

        I was sueing this program and tutorial to get all the elements I needed for my steam set up.

        If you follow this you should be able to get your steam games setup. I will be updating this to show home and get other pc games setup.


        5 years ago

        Very nice job. I made one a bunch of years ago, just converted an old Bad Dudes ;)