The Ultimate Extreme Iron Man Event

Introduction: The Ultimate Extreme Iron Man Event

This is my Instructable on how to do an Extreme Triathlon. I have tried it, and I epicly failed. (except I didn't do the BMX trick though. That's too hard. 
This is a Triathlon I bet none of you will be able to do, not even the best of the best. This is a Contest Entry.

Things you will need:
1. A Bike
2. Tight Running Shoes
3. A full body biking suit
4. 45 miles of ground
5. A Pool or Ocean

Step 1: Step 1

1. Run around the perimeter of the 10 mile ground, so you end at Point A

Step 2: Step 2

2. After that, you reach Point B, where you pick up the bike, and bike 45 miles

Step 3: Step 3

3. When you reach Point C, directly bike into the ocean/pool, and bike 20 laps

Step 4: Step 4

4. After biking 20 laps, do a float for 1 minute, and then swim butterfly for a mile

Step 5: Step 5

5. After that, go back onto your bike, and do a 360 trick out of the pool and onto the ground

Step 6: Step 6

6. When landing on the ground, you have to land directly on a small rock, or else you have to repeat this IRON MAN event over again

Step 7: Step 7

7. You are done, and in order to get back home, you must run 45 miles back home from Point D to Point E

Step 8: Thanks for Looking!

Thanks and this has been tried before by me, but on a smaller scale....lulz
I epicly failed on the biking in the pool part, as I just sank through, but I did those laps in the 3 feet place, so I think I was ok. I also did NOT do the BMX bike trick.

Thanks for Looking! If you actually do it, not expecting anyone to do so, tell me your story, and if I feel that it's believable, I'll send you an AWESOME patch.


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