The Ps2 Controller Rumble Prank

Introduction: The Ps2 Controller Rumble Prank

About a year or so i got a pile of ps2 controlers, one looked pretty smashed up and another was just missing some rubber on the analog stick. so of course my plan whas just to swap the sticks, well the one with the missing rubber had realy bad wondering issues and the beat up one just needed a lil hot glue and a new screw.

so i was stuck with a broken ps2 controller that sat around in pieces for a few months until i got bored one day and had my soldering iron out. I also had a broken usb web cam with a long wire sitting around so i took that wire and went to building a controller the rumbles when ever you plug it in a usb port

its very simple to make, all you need to do is remove the ps2 cord, remove one rumble motor (the usb can't power both motors sadly). then you solder the red and black wires to the rumble motor making sure to cover the exposed wires with electrical tape or shrink tubing same with the other 2 wires on the usb cable you wont be using.  then put the controller back together plug in the controller and it should rumble just make sue none of the wire short out or your can destroy the usb port you plug it into.

this will work on any thing with a usb port, a ps2 , ps3, xbox 360, an original xbox with a moded controller port, pc, laptop so on and so on

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