This Week & Next Week Dry Erase "frames"

Introduction: This Week & Next Week Dry Erase "frames"

These are the 2 dry erase frames i made to go with my kitchen. I mostly wanted to make them to keep track of my 3rd grade son's school schedule and events. 

Step 1: The Materials Cost $40-45(frames Were $17 Each on Sale)

The materials were pretty cheap. The frames cost the most, because they are big. I bought mine at michaels, they were on sale 40% off and they came to $17.00 each. Then i picked out some card-stock that matched my kitchen. I thought about buying stickers to put on the card stock for the days of the week, but changed my mind.The frames are 13 X 19in. I wished they were a little longer at the time, but i like the way they turned out.

I just used a ruler to measure my card-stock and cut 6 strips (3 silver and 3 white) The card stock was 12x12 that's why i have a strip of red up each side to cover the open inch (strip is 2") I wrote "This Week and Next week" in there, but its also a good spot to put your dates.

Step 2: On the Wall.

this is a close up! It wasn't quite long enough to make 7 rows so i split the weekend. I left a big space between them to possibly put a cork board.
All the writing on it is a black dry erase marker. I think these would also be cute for a little girls room with cute card-stock or changing the card-stock for the holidays as well.

Step 3: Latsly, This Is the Finished Pic..

I twisted small tea-cup hooks into the bottom of wach wood frame, 2 on each. then i have those little paper clips hanging from them to display all his good school work ;)

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