Toilet Flush Gamification - Office Black Opps Surviving Tip

What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who like to take a pee in a clean spot. However, offices public urinals are very often used by people in such a hurry to check their tweeter or facebook account that the cognitive workload is to high to think about pressing the flush button. I personally rootsolved this problem by not owning a smartphone (as long as the old phone is still working...).
Would it be possible to significantly increase the usage of the flush button? 

PS: yes... some flush systems are still not automated and working with nuclear energy.

What is the mission?
- Inviting rude/distracted morons to think about cleaning their path after the little duty. 

What do you need?
- A permanent pen if you still remember how to draw letters or a label printer for normal people. 

Total cost of the project:
- Well... it is office supply-based. As all office supply, this has to be stolen.

What is the solution?
1 - Understand your target population (creative people? geeks? FICO specialists? Low literate?...).
2 - Look at the design of the flush button (available space, texture, color).
3 - Think and design inviting labels.
4 - Record the number of non-flushed situation you are encountering.
5 - Print them.
6 - Stick them on the button.
7 - Record the number of non-flushed situation you are encountering.
8 - Run statistical analysis and check if there is a significant difference with the previous situation. If not, redesign the labels. if yes, submit a paper on the subject in an academic journal of your choice.

Gluonnement vôtre... I know, I changed your life today.

PS: be careful if doing that in Germany or other countries where... well... the definition of what is funny (if existing at all) diverts significantly from your own culture. This could almost cost you your job. Neee... just jocking ! ;)

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