Tom Yam Seaweed Chips

About: I'm a career woman and a mom for 2 boys. Now we are creating our edible garden and try to avoid outside food. So we will plant our own vegetables and cook the nice food :)

Easy to make.. nice to eat while watching TV :)

Step 1: Ingredient

1. egg
2. Seaweed
3. Spring roll skin
4. Tom yam Cube for flavour(optional)

Step 2: Simple Step

1. Bitten the egg. i use whole egg. you also can use white egg only
2. Brush slightly the egg onto spring roll skin.
3. Put the seaweed. you can put the whole seaweed if you like seaweed more. i want to save my seaweed for the sushi tomorrow. so, i just cut the seaweed and make a strip onto the spring roll skin ;)
4. Take another spring roll skin and put on top of the seaweed.
5. Cut and dried before fried.
6. fried and sprinkle tom yam flavour onto the chips if you like.  
7. enjoy it. Walla!!

Tips: use slow fire as the spring roll skin is so thin to avoid the chips over cooked



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