Top 5 Hidden Bases: Minecraft

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Hi guys I'm back! With some of my best hidden Minecraft bases enjoy!!!

Step 1: Finding a Location

If you want to build a hidden base, survival or creative your gonna need somewhere to put it and something to cover it up that you'll remember man is the dirt block diagonal from the clay

Step 2: Destroying

You'll have to destroy your remembrance block in order to get inside your base

Step 3: Elavator

To make a elevator you must dig down as many as you want and then fill it with water the a blank sign and..... It works!

Step 4: "jungle Wall"

In my base I've got 4 different walls this is the first a jungle wall for more detail you can add jungle wood

Step 5: Decor

From this angle you can see most of the decor e.g the carpet and emeralds these are some decor that I usually like to use

Step 6: Sleeping Wall

What I've done here is I've filled the wall with colours then put beds in diagonally so just up across one and down then place the bed

Step 7: Party Wall

On this wall I've made the classic iron gold and diamond completed with a couch to make the couch use stairs and put them at the back and then slabs of the same colour

Step 8: FUN

For some fun I've put a small mine cart track going around some emeralds thanks for staying until the end if you want your base to be featured Instagram me it (davedude_12) :)



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    4 years ago

    Very good tutorial!
    Also: long time no see!