Train Your Guinea Pig to Play Dead




Introduction: Train Your Guinea Pig to Play Dead

In my first Instructable, i will teach you how to train your guinea pig to play dead. by "play dead", i mean he will lay on it's back and not move (dont worry, no guinea pigs will be harmed if directions are followed closely and precisely).

Step 1: Learn to Hold Your Guinea Pig With One Hand

depending on your patients, this can be either easy or difficult. for me it was easy because i had plenty of time to work with him.

what you will need to do is to place your palm under the guinea pig's belly so you have a hold of the guinea pig's mid-section (your thumb should be facing it's head). then, you will raise your guinea pig upward as if you were trying to make it stand on two feet. then, lift it upward where you have a grip of it under its arms; the guinea pig should be resting nicely on your thumb and pointer-finger.

once you feel confortable holding him like that, you need to have him rest into your other hand.

to do that, you must take your other hand and place it on its back. lean back your guinea pig so its now resting into your other hand. move the first hand away from your guinea pig and your pig will adjust itself so it is sitting up like a normal human. dont get frustrated, just practice practice practice.

Step 2: Learn to Have Your Guinea Pig Safely Fall Backwords

this is actually pretty easy if you keep a firm hand and dont freak out.

if your guinea pig is sitting in your right hand, take your left hand, and make it flat (your hand will be flat now, but then your hand will conform to the guinea pigs face). take your hand, and place it on your guinea pig's face. the middles of your fingers should be at the middle of its face. it is a guinea pig's instinct and reflex to push up so your hand is not on its face. when the guinea pig pushes upwords, you need to let him push a little, and slowly move your hand backwords. his head will stay with your hand sorta like a magnet would. continue moving him downword until both of your hands are horizontally parallel.

Step 3: Leave Him Upside Down on a Flat Cusioned Surface

now this will teach you to perfect the final product. by now, your guinea pig is upside down, where you are supporting both sides of its body. you will now lower him to the surface, the backs of your hands are now touching the surface. you need to slowly take your hands out from under him (quickly doing it will startle it). and if you continue to practice, you can do many similar things with your guinea pig!



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    44 Discussions

    Please never hold your guinea pig with one hand. You have to use both
    hands. Please read this

    1 reply

    Please do not do this to your guinea pig. This no way to treat such wonder animals.

    i have tride it with bubble my ginnuie pig he just sits there he is very lazy !

    Please think about this before you consider doing this to your pet. Animals are cute, but they are not toys. Guinea pigs are naturally easily frightened and like to feel secure. This comes from natural instincts to keep alive in the wild. They like to shelter under grass tussocks and rocks so eagles can't grab them. Any reaction from a guinea pig where they push against you with their head indicates they don't like it. I'm not sure, but animals (and people) have a reaction of staying very still when they are very scared. I'd be worried that this is maybe what is happening.

    i have a pet rat. i know your all thinking eww! to see pics of him go to facebook and search Frank Poydence hes very cute. oh ya as i was saying, does this work on rats

    Milton is very cute. I wish I could have a Guinea Pig.

    Getting people to do this sort of thing to a gunea pig is irresponsible and, quite frankly, idiotic. "Playing dead" is a natural reaction for some animals as a defence mechanism. However, for a guinea pig, their's is running away; something they would be wise to do in this instance.

    This isn't actually training them if you have to pick them up every time. I thought this would tell you how to make them roll over or something

    wow he's really big mine are like half the size of that

    you should not do that.It leaves your guineapig into stress.ive done that with my guineapig and she does not like it

    1 reply

    There is a much easier way to do this *sniffle (My guinea pig passed away today her name was Autumn) hold your guinea pig against your chest like your normally would holding them near your shoulder supporting them with one hand and keeping them from falling with the other, pet their nose or snout, they will stick their head out, keep your fingers/hand on their nose as you lean forward with them still pressed against your chest as soon as you get level slowly lean back keeping your hands in the same position and hey presto same out come.

    Your piggy is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHA! I was freaking laughing at that comment. Nice Instructable, your guinea pig is cute. :-)

    My 2 2 month old boys dont like to be touvhed on the bottom so it doesent work lol