Transparent Postcards

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I love making postcards to send to my friends and family.  Home-made postcards are great because they combine artistic self-expression with meaningful functionality.  They are meant to be looked at and admired, but only after successfully relaying a personal message from one person to another.

The idea for a transparent postcard first came to me when I accidentally wrote to a friend of mine using the wrong card.  I mistakenly used a postcard that I had purchased in her hometown, so rather than depicting an image from a far off land as I had intended, the landscape on the front was one with which she was already intimately familiar.  'What a wasted opportunity' I thought.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we are often less familiar with our own surroundings than we'd like to think.  I tested my theory by looking, really looking, at a postcard from my hometown.  I was shocked by all the details I had never noticed, or noticed once and then taken for granted.  'Wouldn't it be nice,' I thought, 'if I could send people postcards that emphasized the beauty of their own surroundings, rather than some place they've never been?'  From there, it was a short jump to the idea of a window, and finally to a transparent postcard.

This is a picture instructable showing some of the transparent or 'window' postcards I have made in recent weeks.  I chose not to make step-by-step instructions because the basic premise of postcard creation from scratch is outlined here, in my other 'ible.  The idea is the same for these transparent postcards, with only a few simple extra steps which I will detail in the last seven photos.  I hope these photos inspire you to make a few cards of your own, and take a closer look at where you live.  And I'd love to see photos of the results, if you do.

Happy Mailing.

P.S.  I have successfully mailed 4 or 5 of these transparent postcards, even internationally, with no problems.  I checked the USPS website, and their rules and regulations regarding postcards make no mention of transparency as a problem.  However, I make no claim that every postal carrier will accept these cards, although I would hope that they do.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is also a very nice idea! :-) Köszönöm, meg is csinálom rögtön. :-)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    One thought I had was that I have found used laminate plastic; small pieces left over from other peoples' projects at the local Mardel (teachers' store), just left in the trash. You could possibly repurpose that to write on and then tape over it to seal it, so you didn't have to get your pen sticky writing on the sticky side of the tape. As to the cost, the people there were happy to get rid of the stuff, so no cost at all!

    What an incred"ible" idea! I like how out reused old packaging and stuff most anyone would have around the house! I'm going to have to make one and mail it to my niece! I especially like your stained glass window!