Trash to Treasure Jewelry



Turn you old junk into new treasures, by recycling things you may already have laying around the house.

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

I took an old earring that I had lost the match to, an old fender washer out of my husband's tool box, and an old flat back glass stone out of our old aquarium. You will also need a jump ring and some sort of cord or chain to put it on. The only tools required are a drill, dremel tool, and some small pliers to open and attach the jump ring with, and some contact adhesive.

Step 2: Assembly of Your Piece

I first took my dremel tool and used an engraving bit to go back and forth all around the front of the washer to make a cool design on it like a sun burst, then I took the drill with a small drill bit and drilled a hole in the top of the washer to attach my jump ring. I then removed the ear wire from the earring and attached it to the back of the washer to the jump ring. Using the adhesive I attached the clear stone to the front of the washer and let it dry overnight to get a good hold. You can see the earring behind the glass stone and it looks cool when it moves.

Step 3: Finished Piece

Once it has dried overnight, then simply add your cord, old shoe string, chain, etc...whatever it is you choose to use as your necklace and you have instant recycled trash to treasure jewelry for little to no cost...I found all this stuff in my home, so this cost me nothing to make...totally free!

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