Triangle Wooden Pet House




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This is triangle wooden pet house for cat,birds,rabbits and small dogs,it's wooden so It can be put indoor or outdoor prevents the water and snow to get inside and safe the beloved pets.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies


Hand saw


Drill and Screw Driver

T scale





20"x12" Hardboard for base

8 x 16"x1.5" pieces wood for structure

16 x 17"x2" pieces wood for covering

1 x 20"x1" for the front entrance

Hardboard for the backside

2 inches Screws dozen

1.5 inches screws dozen

1 inches nails dozen

Step 2: Making a Structure

Make holes in edges from the sides of 16" wood and tighten it with screws into other 16" pieces to make 2 rectangles

Step 3: Covering

Start putting 2 inches width pieces over the rectangle and put nails on both sides with hammer, cover both rectangles.

Step 4: Making Triangle

Rack both rectangles together on to the base making a triangle and make holes of 30 angle in the bottom side which goes in to the base and tighten them with screws.

Make straight hole in the top side and secure the upper part as well.

Step 5: Front Entrance

Put the 1" wood in the front part and mark it from where it match in line to perfectly fit and cut the parts out until got all front triangle pieces cut.

Step 6: Front Covering

Place wood pieces under the triangle and mark the inside part with pen,cut them out with jigsaw,Place the triangle pieces in front again and put glue on the cut pieces and place them behind triangle .

Step 7: Cover the Backside

Place the hardboard over the backside of structure, mark and cut it out,place on the back with glue.

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    4 Discussions


    9 months ago on Introduction

    This open front design doesn't give the pet protection from the wind/rain/cold/snow. It would be okay if used indoors or in a protected area, such as a porch or barn.

    1 reply