Truc Met 2 Kurken / Tric With 2 Corks

Het overpakken van 2 kurken.

In this instructable I will show you how you can move 2 corks from one hand to the other.

Amaze your audience and enjoy free drinks in the pub!

Step 1: Stap 1

Klem 2 kurken in de holtes tussen duim en wijsvinger zoals op de foto te zien is.

Starting position:
Place 2 corks in your hands like the picture shows.

Step 2: Stap 2

Draai je linkerhand een kwartslag naar voren.

Twist your left hand 45 degrees up front.

Step 3: Stap 3

Zet je rechterduim en -wijsvinger op de uiteinden van de kurk in je linkerhand.

Put your right thumb and index finger on the cork ends in your left hand.

Step 4: Stap 4

Zet je linkerduim en -wijsvinger op de uiteinden van de kurk in je rechterhand.

Put your left thumb and index finger on the cork ends in your right hand.

Step 5: Stap 5

Pak de kurken nu over met duim en wijsvinger van de ene in de andere hand.

Now you can move the corks from one hand into the other!

Step 6: Klaar! Done!

Het is gelukt!

You've done it!

Watch the the video



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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ha, I learned this trick while on a boating school trip in Greece. It was the last day and we still had way too much alcohol left over, so we were taking care of that problem. Most of it was wine. We were docked of course and I wandered away from the boat to show this amazingness to anyone I could (never mind that I can't speak Greek, magic is the universal language). It is better if you make more explicit to begin with why this is amazing, make it into a linking rings trick. But the Greeks I found were only impressed with my trick because I was a pretty drunk girl trying to get their attention. My husband (boyfriend at the time) says they seemed quite sad when he came along.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah...i would think this is one of those "i bet you $100 bucks i can do " kind of attmpted when the "rube" is drunk as a skunk