Turn Old Computer Tower Frames Into Heavy Duty Shelving.

Introduction: Turn Old Computer Tower Frames Into Heavy Duty Shelving.

Use your old computer towers to create unique, heavy duty yet light weight, shelving for any where you might want some cool, fun and quite useful shelving with very little cost. With this project you are recycling a large part of a computer and doing something great for the environment!

We use the internal spare parts such as fans, motors, etc. for robotics and electronics classes and the circuit boards, gears, etc for art projects. You can recycle the metal scrap for a few extra bucks as well!

It's also a great way to teach yourself the internal workings of a computer by taking it completely apart with out worry of how to put it back together. It's amazing to see just what it takes to make computer!

Step 1: What You Will Need...

1. As many old computer towers as you desire to make your shelves. It could be just one or a tower of shelves like we made. Be creative with different configurations!

2. Phillips, flathead and star shaped screwdrivers

3. Pair of gloves (sometimes the insides of computers are a bit jagged/sharp)

4. Basic pair of pliers

5. Basic pair of wire cutters

6. Coarse Thread #8 Drywall Screws (or appropriate hardware for your desired placement)

Step 2: Completely Remove Shell and Insides of the Computer Tower...

Unscrew, rip out, tear out, pry our, or hammer out all of the components inside of the computer tower. You can leave the outer shell on if you like a bit of color, but we wanted ours without.

Something to notice is how the interior supports make great drawers, separators and organizers which is what makes this DIY shelving system SO GREAT!

Step 3: Secure Your Empty Shells to the Wall...

There are plenty of holes already drilled in your computer tower shell so no need to drill screw holes. Simply attach your fasteners into the wall through these holes.

Try to find studs to drill into for extra support.

We used coarse thread sheet rock screws as the tower shells are stacked upon one another and have a lot of support by this method. They are also supported by being the corner. If you are hanging them on a wall independently, make sure you have the proper support and fasteners as needed.

Step 4: This What Our Looks Like Finished and in Use...

We think it's fun to put stickers on them. Why not paint them a fun color? Spray paint works very well on metal surfaces such as these.

As you see we put books, a solar power battery and components, hooks, dry erase markers, etc in ours with plenty of room to spare!

No matter what, make them your own and enjoy the extra storage space!

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