Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Kid's Stove




Introduction: Turn a Cardboard Box Into a Kid's Stove

About: I am a DIY enthusiast and first time mom living in Los Angeles who really just loves making and baking things for my family on a budget.

By simply using a cardboard box, cardboard paper, cheap white spray paint, black and silver glitter card stock paper, a silver hologram party hat, a laundry soap bottle cap, a glue gun, and a few items I had on hand, I created a play stove for my 18 month old.

Step 1: Creating the Body of the Stove

I used a cardboard box to create the body of the stove. An extra piece of cardboard was glued to the back of the box, using a hot glue gun, to add the stove part where the knobs would go.

Once these two pieces were glued and secure, I used a box cutter to cut in the center of the box to create the oven door. Only cut 3 sides (top, right and left) so it can open and close, just like a real oven door. To paint the box, I used cheap white spray paint.

Wait for it to fully dry, before you continue.

Step 2: Creating the Parts of the Stove

To create the burners and knobs of the stove, I simply cut out circles in various sizes. To make it look like real metal, I used silver glitter card stock paper I had on hand. If you do not have silver glitter paper, you can always cover your circles with aluminum foil.

Step 3: Creating Little Details for the Stove

To create the oven knob, I used the cap of a laundry detergent bottle. And for a little more effect, I cut out a left over silver hologram party hat and added it to cap.

For the oven door handle, I went to my daughter room and grab a foam building block, spray painted and glued it on. However, almost anything can be used.

To glue all these items and details, I used a hot glue gun or E6000 glue.

Step 4: How to Keep the Oven Door Closed

In order to be able to keep the oven door closed when not in used, I simply added to small magnets on each side. It worked perfectly. It is now a fully functional oven door.

Step 5: Last But Not Least

The last few finishing touches I added were a few hooks, I found in my junk drawer. I also made a chalkboard, using an old picture frame and chalkboard spray paint.

Step 6: Done

In total, I spent less than $5. We have had for a few months now and it is still going strong. Best of all it is recyclable!



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    I wish I had access to a 3D printer! ?

    This is so cute! I love little toy kitchen sets and it's so cool that you were able to make something of this quality with cardboard.

    That turned out looking amazing! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your first instructable!