Turn on the Laptop With the Lid Closed

Introduction: Turn on the Laptop With the Lid Closed

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I recently decided to connect my laptop to the monitor.

There was a small, yet annoying problem. I don't have a lot of space on my table, so I prefer to keep the laptop folded and perhaps even put something on top of it to utilize all the space available.

The problem with that is simple - you can't turn on the laptop with the lid/screen closed!

Yes, there are ways to wake up your laptop from the sleep with a keyboard, but that's not what I was looking for.

I like to turn off my laptop when not in use as well as the extension cord where it is plugged in. Because of that, the laptop can not be turned on with the keyboard.

This Instructable is for those people who have their laptops connected to the TV or a monitor - all the time.

We will have a look at a way to make an external power button for your laptop without doing any soldering.

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Step 1:

It can be annoying that every time you want to turn on the laptop, you have to open the lid/screen.

Because of that, you have to keep your laptop in an acceptable place.

Even if you would have your hand as thin as a paper, you would not be able to turn on the laptop.

Reason for that - A magnetic switch

There is a magnet under the screen's bezel (frame) and a magnetic switch in the base.

When the lid is shut, the magnet is close enough to the switch to activate it.

The magnetic switch will prevent the laptop from turning on by the accident, so it's good for when you travel.

Because of that, there is no way to turn on the laptop, even if you could reach the power button with the lid closed.

Step 2:

First thing we have to do is take out the magnet, so the laptop would think that the screen is opened all the time.

Check your laptop's disassembly guide. Usually it's a simple procedure.

On my Acer laptop, I only had to unscrew 2 screws and I was able to open the frame.

Find the magnet and remove it.

Now your laptop will think that the lid is opened all the time even when it's closed.

If you would press the power button, the laptop would turn on.

But you don't have your hands as thin as the paper, do you? :)

Step 3:

Now we need to find a way to press the power button with the lid closed.

Get a balloon pump and attach a small tube to it.

I used heat-shrink tubing to secure the tube to the pump.

Step 4:

Attach a balloon on the other end of the tube.

Press the pump and make sure that the balloon does not stay inflated for too long.

The air should escape.

If it does not, loosen the zip tie or make a small hole in the balloon.

Step 5:

Now put the balloon on top of the power button and close the lid.

When you want to turn on the laptop, just squeeze the pump.

The balloon will inflate a little bit and press the button.

Now you can keep your laptop closed and out of the way.



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    2 years ago

    As promised earlier: here is the remote version driven by Blynk (see blynk.cc)... Still have to test it with the remote laptop though! But it works to the point of gently inflating the balloon, so looks promising!


    2 years ago

    I've been looking for a way to give a remote "wake on lan" style functionality to an old laptop that doesn't have it. By using a networked Arduino style board and a cheap air pump (of the kind used for aerating aquaria) it should be possible to get this functionality for about $10. The pump costs about $5, it should be possible to control it remotely with e.g. a WeMos D1 mini ($3) and the Blynk app (free) and a transistor and step-up power supply (<$1). I'm going to try connecting your hand pump too via a three way connector so that both the manual and the automatic options are available.

    Thanks for the inspiration - I have ordered everything on Aliexpress and I will come back to you in a couple of months with news of whether it works..!


    2 years ago

    Maybe you can make this even simpler - can't you just tell the laptop to stay on when the lid is shut (I'm pretty sure you can in Windows, using Power options in the control panel or similar). Then all you need is the balloon and pump?! Has anyone tried this I wonder?

    Excellent to tuck away in my "store-o'good-ideas"... Thanks STF!

    Once again, amazing work. To me it seems great for like small apartments, or anywhere. Keep up the good work.


    2 years ago

    So nice, I love such simple mechanical designs!

    1 reply

    Clever design, I like it and I don't even have a laptop, now I might just have to get one because of this. ☺

    1 reply

    Where did you get the balloon pump? this is a potentially perfect solution for me! so I'm excited to try it out.

    1 reply