Tweet of Life

About: Computer Communication Engineer,Electronics Geek , DIY culture enthusiast, Robot builder, solution provider.

This prototype of device is intended to be used by hospitals to quickly dispatch a request for Blood of a certain type with just a single press of a button. the message will reach people on Twitter among a lot of other online social networks as well as emailing organizations.

how does it work:
We have a micro controller reading the inputs at all times, with each input button corresponding to a certain type of blood. when its pressed the micro controller sends a stream of data to the computer signaling that a button has bin pressed and indicates which one to a computer program that runs in the background. the computer program then automatically does its duty and posts the required info to twitter and the others, thus minimizing the time it takes to contact personnel and maximizes the visibility of the message in record time.

In the images you can spot photos of the actual bare bones prototype as well as the background program and the messages posted to twitter.



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