Two Christmas Centerpieces

Introduction: Two Christmas Centerpieces

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This is the time of the year for gathering, being grateful … and eating. So many tables to decorate in so little time. I love decorating my own table with simple homemade elements, and if the ingredients come from nature, even better.

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Step 1: Follow Along With This Video

I want to share with you, in the video, two very different Christmas centerpieces. And, you’ll see in the video that the supplies are a little unexpected. Don’t let this discourage you because everything can be replaced with a little twist: pomegranates for red apples… voilà … just as beautiful!

Step 2: These Are the Two Finished Centerpieces

You can choose from a modern or a traditional look depending on your guests, your decor and your menu. These centerpieces will add punch and pizazz to your table and become part of the conversation. And, they are low so your guests can easily see over each other. Plus, they can eat them for dessert!

Have fun creating! Nell

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