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This is a little back story on the playroom shelving that I built, this is how a plain Jane bedroom got transformed into a barnyard complete with a fence, a split rail fence and animals all over the walls.

This room started its life as a guest room with no real direction, just abed some hand me down furniture and a few nick knacks throughout the room.  Then my wife and I were blessed with our second son and it was time to decorate the nursery.  For our first son I got to dream up, design, and complete his nursery.  Chase’s (our oldest son) room is now shared by both boys and it looks like a hunting cabin, complete with a cinnamon grizzly pelt on the wall, white tail, mule deer, and elk racks adorn the walls.  In a future intractable I will chronicle the remodel of his room, but for now it is just the barn yard.

When my wife started designing the room she knew she wanted there to be a barn, lots of animals, and it to be cartoonish.  For this project we enlisted her mother, father, sister, and grandmother for all the painting.  They are all including my wife talented artists.

Step 1: Barn and Paint

It is amazing to see my oldest son standing in the room “helping” his papa layout the back board for the barn.  We used a textured piece of 3/8” plywood.  There was not a lot of construction, there was a lot of painting, and custom work in the room.  Once the back board of the barn was nailed to the wall, we trimmed out the bard with a simple 1x4, and built a cross hatch, hay loft window, in the middle of the wall.  We then glued and nailed the fence to the wall, each piece and runner, after the back ground to the walls was painted.

Step 2: Wall Painting

Wall painting in progress.

Step 3: Finished Walls

This is a group of sever pictures of the individual animals throughout the room.  They are on every wall, even behind and peeking around the furniture in the room.  My other instructible shows the new look to the playroom with new shelving for the toys.  

I do not deserve credit on the project, it was my amazing wife's idea, follow through and family that pulled this project off.  I am thankful to everyone involved.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could always do it yourself. Get your ideas on paper the. Just go for it. I believe in the pride of completion over perfection. Te ability is within you. Go for it.

    That is why we moved him in with his brothers room and made the barn yard the playroom. I call it the pig sty it gets so messy from two boys going nuts in there


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love this precious for a little boy....FANTASTIC JOB!!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You all def. put in a lot of work on this, awesome job!