Un-Playable Piano Prank

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This is the perfect prank for your musical friends. Please vote! 

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

1. An upright piano
2. Two small boards that will fit loosely between the hammers and strings of the piano (We don't want to break anything!)

Step 2: Open the Lid of the Piano.

Locate the strings and the hammers to find where to put the boards.

Step 3: Insert Boards.

Gently place the boards so that the hammers will be blocked from hitting the strings. 

Step 4: Close the Lid.

When your victim goes to play the piano, the boards keep the hammers from hitting the strings. 



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    4 years ago

    I hate to say this but this is horrible. why would you A) bother doing this and B) make someone worry that their pride and joy is broken