Under the Bottom Drawer Hiding Place




Now, when the Hiding Places Contest is almost over, I want to fix this great unjustice, and, maybe, save a couple of books from being butchered... and show you my dirty dusty floor.

I thought it's pretty obvious, and thre'll be atleast somebody to point onto this hiding place, but... maybe it prooves that it's really good hiding place, since nobody knows about it... Or maybe it's too obvious, that nobody actually mentions it...

Step 1:

Anyway, if you have a table with drawers, like mine, or similar piece of furniture, the chances are, you're already have pretty convenient hiding place. It's not perfect but it can serve for keeping your diaries from older brother or some booze from... yourself...

Just pull the bottom drawer...

Step 2:

And then pull it a bit more to relese it from those wooden embraces of your table.

Step 3:

And when it's all out - there's a whole world opens in front of you to hide things and stuff.

A lot of furniture is constructed this way, so you'll probably be able to find a hiding place like this somewhere at your home. Or, mabe, find something interesting in a place like this if you'll decide to explore...

This is it for now. Thanks for your attention and put that drawer back afterwards.



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    1 year ago

    this is how i hide my pain killers from my wife as shes got adicted to them lol

    2 replies