Unicycle - a More Comfy Saddle

Introduction: Unicycle - a More Comfy Saddle

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Basic knee pads with velcro fasteners

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Step 1: Simple Solution

Getting back into riding Unicycles - lots of practice idling and mounting gives me a sore bum - nice new saddle from Unicycle.com but still a bit uncomfortable after some time practicing.

Solution - popped down to my local Wicks (DIY store) and bought some knee pads - they add padding but also make the seat slightly wider so not all of your weight is right in the middle of ya bony bum bits, only cost a few pounds and although they are not gel the hack worked really well.

Put the back pad on first, wrapping the straps around the seat post then add the second making sure the straps pull the two pads together thus holding them perfectly in place, plus if you want to change anything ya just undo the velcro and you good to go.

Really only for practice or touring but maybe this will be of interest to you too.
Later dudes

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