Universal Locked Door Opener. (does Not Work on Deadbolts.)





Introduction: Universal Locked Door Opener. (does Not Work on Deadbolts.)

About: I love the idea of breaking into places. i like anything that is well thought out and things that are very clever. i like to plan things out extensively and to be a step ahead of everyone.

I thought of this brilliant device today when my sister locked me and my friend in a storage room.

My friend lives in an apartment and has an underground corridor running through the storage rooms of the houses. We rigged the door from his room to the storage room so we could get in if it was locked. But we didn't think about rigging the door from the storage room to the corridor. So i thought of a few ways we could open the door and this was the simplest one.

I added a video because no one can figure this thing out apparently.

Step 1: Stuff You Need.

Things you need:

1-laminate card(gift cards work best. I used an itunes card.)


3-a locked door that needs getting into

Step 2: Cut the Card.

take your laminate card and cut a piece out of it that is shaped like this.

Step 3: Unlock the Door

stick the card into the door above where the sloped lock thing would be at. slide it down and over the sloped piece. push the card forward so the sloped thing is pushed back into the door. then just push the door open.

(hint: if the door opens away from you, you are probably going to have to push the card. if the door opens toward you, chances are you are going to have to pull the card. unless some idiot put the door knob on backwards.)



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    Man, thanks a lot...being trying for the past 2 hours, your solution worked in 5 mintues

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    thomas do you have any dimensions of your card or can you be pretty liberal with your cuts?

    It was an expired credit card ;)

    I guess it could be somewhat bigger or smaller but not a lot...

    Does anyone have dimensions on this card? Don't have a lot of time to play with, and want to get it right the first time.

    Thanks Man!! I'll keep a card in my wallet just in case I lock myself out of my dorm room again.

    I tried it myself because I needed to unlock a door for my friend who got locked out. The door had an outside molding which made it hard, but I cut it out just like he did, and kept measuring it to another similar doors lock. Once I got it to right size I slipped it through. At first I was afraid of breaking the card by pushing the card in too harshly but then once I finally shoved it in at full force the door popped open. 10/10 would def do it again!

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    You didn't have to cut the card it would have done the same if you left the card alone :^)

    You didn't need to cut the card you slide it in to try and find the lock hit the lock sideways a few time then push on the sentence of the spring lock /slope thing that keeps the door locked then the door should pop open

    Just tried this on our front door, totally didn't work. When i slipped the card through, it just hit wood, then i tried to wriggle it around the wood to drag down to the lock, but it wouldnt bend around it... :( lol ah well :(

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    my 4 year old son seemed to have locked the bathroom door after he walked out. I found this page...cut up the card and pop, the door opened like a charm! thanks!!

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    Looking at all the doors that lock in my house, I found that there is a pin next to the striker that prevents it from being opened in this manner when the door is closed. The pin is a safety device to prevent this sort of entry method. When the pin is depressed, either using a finger or with the striker plate, the striker can not be pushed into the door housing. This is an old "credit card technique" used ages ago and lock manufacturers make locks that can't be opened using this method.