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Introduction: Unusual Uses of Ordinary Things

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The Instructable is about unusual uses of ordinary things like magnets, zip ties, rubber bands and much more. The instructables is a compilation of many unusual uses. Some uses were found by surfing through Youtube, Google, etc., some were created by me and some were very obvious uses. So we will discuss unusual uses of zip ties, magnets, rubber bands, pencil, bottle caps and dead calculator. The uses are not unusual but also highly useful at your home. school, work space or office.

Go On Reading and I am sure you will find it interesting and useful.

Step 1: Unusual Uses of Magnets: Key Holder

Take a rectangular magnet and attach it on metal cupboard and you can hang keys on it.

Step 2: Tools Organizer

The same way you hang keys in previous step, you can also organize tools on magnet

Step 3: Vertical Box or Packet Hanger

Place a small magnet inside the box and a magnet outside and then hang it on metal surface

Step 4: Unusual Use of Bottle Caps: Toothbrush Holder

You can make a Toothbrush Holder from useless bottle caps. Take a cutter and cut small pieces of cutter as shown in images. Then hang it on your Bathroom wall with the help of glue.

Step 5: Unusual Uses of Zip Ties: Making a File

You can make a file from a bunch of paper. Punch the holes in pages and then insert zip ties in both holes and lock them.

Step 6: Wire Limiter

You can also make a wire limiter to limit the wire in the enclosure. Just attach zip tie to that area.

Step 7: Curtain Hanger

Zip ties can also be used as a curtain hanger. Attach a zip tie from cloth to rod or broken hanger.

Step 8: To Keep Boards Up

If you want to keep your PCB up from a metal surface. Just attach a zip tie in screw as shown in the image.

Step 9: Bag Chain

If you have a broken chain. Just use Zip tie to fix it as shown in the image. Cut the leftover part of zip tie.

Step 10: Preventing Pen From Rolling

You can wind the zip tie around pen to protect it from falling. Cut the leftover part of zip tie.

Step 11: Wire Organizer

This is the obvious use of Zip Tie. You can organize your wires by it.

Step 12: Unusual Uses of Rubber Bands: Pen Grip

You can wind the rubber band 3-4 turns around pen and make your pen grip ensuring that it is easy to handle.

Step 13: Remote Protector

You can protect your TV Remote by winding rubber band around it and also if you have cell protector broken, you can use this technique.

Step 14: Reading a Book

Having problem turning pages? Instead of Making hands wet, you can also wind Rubber around your index finger.

Step 15: Using It As a Thread

You can use your rubber as thread to organize papers as a file. Just cut and use as thread.

Step 16: Unusual Use of Pencil: Needle Keeper

You can keep your needle on the rubber of pencil. It is a safe way but remember to keep it out of reach of small children.

Step 17: Unusual Use of Dead Calculator

You can make a decorated container by differentiating keys of Dead Calculator and sticking it to container. It looks really cool!

Step 18: Unusual Lamp

Unusual lamp will blink like any fighting scene of a movie. For more information read full instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Unusual-Villains-Lamp/

To make an unusual Lamp you need Bulb, bulb holder, power chord, Arduino UNO and breadboard Wires. Connect phase to bulb from power chord and neutral should be connected to 13th pin of ARDUINO and from Bulb to GND.

Code can be availbe from Arduino IDE Software from File>Examples>Baiscs>Blink. Upload it and your lamp will now blink.

Step 19: Thank You

I hope you found the instructable useful and interesting.

Thank You For Stopping By!!!!

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    3 years ago

    Wait!!! What???? You are feeding ac power of 110v or 220v through an arduino????
    Don't suggest
    I'll repeat. Nobody do that please!!!!!!

    Don't want to sound mean man but do some research first and don't suggest people to feed dangerous ac power to ecposed pcb like an arduino wich will blow


    Reply 2 years ago

    read it, he's using a 9v battery


    3 years ago

    Thete you go. Simple search on how to do step 18 without killing yourself and blowing your arduino