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About: I attend C V beauty college in Beaumont ca. I am 20 years old and ever since I was younger I always loved to do hair. Especially hairstyles. I now do people's hair to help me practice get better each and eve...

Step1: Part the from parts of the hair on each side down to the ear and pin each side up with a clip
Step 2: Part the hair with a circle in the middle of the hair and leave the bottom half down and put what you parted in the middle up in a pony tail.
Step 3: Set a hair donut onto the pony tail after
Step 4: afterwards curl all the hair.
Step 5: Then pin the curls into the hair bun in different areas and keep pinning the hair until the curl is fully pinned into the hair bun.
Steph 6: just be creative on where to set the curls and how to form it to where it looks good. Repeat pinning the curls until all the hair is finally pinned up. Also make sure you pin up the curls loose enough to where it doesn't look so tight to the head.



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    2 years ago

    nice hair style