Upcycle Musical Instrument


Introduction: Upcycle Musical Instrument

Material list:

Utility that can cut through plastic

Plastic Bottle

Small plastic or cardboard sheets


Step 1: Cutting the Bottle

You are going to have to cut 1 or however many slits you need into the bottle that will go through both sides horizontally on the bottle standing up for vertically positioned.

Each slit will need to go through both sides of the bottle

Each slit will need to be able to fix each sheet so that it can stay in and slide out

Step 2: Insert the Sheets

Insert your plastic or cardboard sheets into the slits you just created

Step 3: Remove the Sheets(Temporarily)

Remove the sheets you just inserted

Unscrew the bottle cap

Insert your beads

Step 4: Replacing Sheets/ Adjusting Bead Count for Each Level

After placing the beads place in your sheets whilst adjusts how many beads are in each level created by the slits

Step 5: Congratulations

After you have adjust the shaker to your needs you are done.



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    Neat idea, thanks for sharing.