Upcycled Plastic Bottle Into Self Watering Planter!!!




Introduction: Upcycled Plastic Bottle Into Self Watering Planter!!!

I took Bachelor of Science in Travel Management :) loves to cook, bake and make handmade crafts ....

- you can make a self watering planters with just a plastic bottles in easy way.

- indoor plant

-you may use this for decorating. (as you can see i put it beside on my computer :))

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Materials needed:

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Thread
  • Scissor
  • Blade Cutter
  • Pen
  • Nail and Hammer
  • Soil
  • Plant
  • Water
  • sequins (optional)

Step 2: Make a Mark!!

Get the plastic bottle and pen

Divide the bottle into 3 line (the middle one should be slightly small) and make a circular mark using a pen.

Step 3: Cutting!!!

    Using a sharp blade cutter cut the marked line and use the scissor for trimming the excess

    get the middle one then cut it into circular in vertical way.

    connect the middle to the bottom bottle

    note: be careful of using the blade cutter :)

    Step 4: Cap of the Bottle

    • get the cap of the bottle and mark a dot in the middle
    • use a nail and hammer to make a hole

    note: be careful of using the nail and hammer :)

    Step 5: Thread!!!

    • get the thread and put it in the hole
    • pull the thread (leave at least 2 inches of thread for the bottom)

    use of thread: thread will be the one to connect into the plant to slowly get the water

    Step 6: Soil, Plant and Water

    • pour soil for at least half of the bottle
    • then add your plant (the plant must be small and will not grow for at least 5 inches above tall)
    • add some water for the bottom of the bottle
    • then connect them together :)

    I add some sequences to make it looks beautiful :))

    Low Water Gardening Challenge 2016

    Runner Up in the
    Low Water Gardening Challenge 2016



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      16 Discussions

      very beautiful work. thanks for posting such easy and useful instructable.

      I love this idea! It's beautiful! Esp with the Sequins! So very cute! I'm a little confused on how the plastic parts go together, though - is it just one top part (with the bottle top & cap), and the lower part? Or is there a 3rd part that goes somewhere? It looks like from the diagram for the cutting, there is a 3rd ring that is kept to use, but I don't understand where it goes. Maybe I can just enlarge all of your photo's and look up close & figure it out. If you don't reply, and I can't figure it out, I think it still might still work without the 3rd ring - I could be wrong, and would find out soon enough. lol Again, great job! This is *so* darling! If you don't mind, I'd like to share it on my Facebook Feed sometime in the future. I'll wait for your permission, as it's your page after all. :) Thank you for posting and sharing this - some people don't realize how much work it is to take all the photo's, put them on your computer, upload them, organize them, etc, etc. So I really appreciate you putting this up for us. :) Take care!!

      1 reply

      I cut that bottle into 3 parts 1st is the top its like a funnel 2nd is the middle like a hoop and 3rd is the bottom. You may also cut the bottle into 2 parts but it depends on the bottle you are using :) I only cut that bottle into 3 parts because the bottom part cant hold the top bottle (the funnel) the use of the middle part is to support the top bottle from shaking because the bottom part has a large hole. :) feel free to ask me more question :) i'am happy that someone like you appreciated this idea and I'm definitely feel great that you also want to share this idea. Thank you so much :)) God bless!!!

      thank you? :D God bless!

      sorry for my mistake :) thank you for correcting me :)) godbless

      I have tons of house plants and this will be very helpful for the ones that dry up too quickly.

      How do you prevent damage to the roots? They aren't going to like the light, but they will push through to the sides of the plastic.

      1 reply

      it depends on the plant you planted some plants aren't having so much roots to scattered, though some plants growing in inches but their roots will still remain in size and never change in their place so they stayed on the area where you put it. this is an indoor plant and probably will not get a direct sunlight. i might be wrong :)) thank you.