Upright Wash Tub Bass

Introduction: Upright Wash Tub Bass

I had seen a Upright  Wash Tub Bass being played on You-tube, and said to myself...gee I would like to own one of those. So I researched around the internet  and found a set of plan similar to the bass I seen on You-tube ( http://dennishavlena.com/db.htm ).

The bass is based of the actual double bass measurements, it has a 41.5 scale and a 18 inch tub.

The following steps are the different stages as the bass comes too life.

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Step 1: Step1

This tub is 18" round x 10" deep

Step 2: Anchors Away!

Here I used hardwood blocks 1.5 x 1 for sound board anchors.

Step 3: Sound Board

This is the sound board in different stages.

Step 4: Preparing the Neck

The neck consists of red and white oar, laminated (2.5 x 2.5)

Step 5: Choosing a Bridge and Tail Piece

Step 6:

Here I inserted the neck brace for the tub.

Step 7: Neck Mounted

Here is the neck mounted too the tub.

Step 8: The Head Stock

If you look hard enough (sorry for the glare) you will notice that I hand painted the neck too resemble sewer pipes, I also wanted the head stock too match, so I came up the the idea of creating a shut off valve.  

Step 9: Double Style Wash Tub Bass

Well after everything was done and parts bought...the final cost 

(A) machine heads = 7.25
(b) Strings (Weed Wacker) = 19.99
(c) piezo pick up = 10.00
(d) tub = 6.00

Total cost = 43.24

The main reason for the enamel paint was too cover the flaws in the recycled wood. 

As you already noticed I have added a  pick-up inside the tub...mounted directly too the jack. I have it mounted on the neck brace just under the bridge. For better volume I will be moving the pick up directly under the bridge...but this time mounted directly too the sound board.

Step 10: Wash Tub Bass Sound Test

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