Use Sugru to Upgrade a Hand Copter Toy

Introduction: Use Sugru to Upgrade a Hand Copter Toy

Use some Sugru self-setting rubber to upgrade a single blade hand copter toy to a double bladed hand copter for great justice!
Just take a quarter size blob out of the pack, split it in half, and squish it on both sides of the underside of the first blade.  Then use your fingers to squish it up against the stem.  Then make sure to put the second blade on FACING THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  I've included a picture with the blade wrong and again with it right.  Slide the second blade up the step so that it squishes the sugru down through the hole in the center of the blade for a good grip.  Then use your fingers to squish the sugru around the edges of the blade middles for even better grip.  Wait all night for it to dry in front of a fan.  Then spin it up with your hands and bask in the glory of your new and improved hand copter toy!

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    6 years ago

    What is sugru


    Reply 6 years ago

    It's a self setting rubber material you can use to fix broken things or make things better! Check it out: