Veggie Pizza




Here is basically what you'll need:
Pillsbury simply... Rustic French Bread (this is relatively good for you and tastes great)
olive oil

Everything else is optional or you can add anything you want.
I try to stay away from very wet ingredients since this is thin crispy crust, don't want it to get soggy.

Right now I'm doing a no dairy thing, if your adding cheese add Fontanelle or Asiago.. they go great with the arugula.

Step 1: Unroll the Dough..

This can be a little tricky, but the dough has a seam that you need to find to unroll easily.. If you dont find it it will be a real mess.
Unroll and stretch on your baking sheet, I use a SILPAT to make it nice and crispy on the bottom without burning.

Step 2: Add Your Topping

Cover with olive oil and garlic
add all your toppings
When I added my tomato I put the sliced face up to keep the juice in the tomato (they are volcanic when you bite into them so watch out)

Step 3: Bake and Eat..

Bake at 450 for about 10 min or until your desired level of crispness
Make sure the bottom is nice and brown..



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Pizza Wowww !!! You can also try out Healthy Bread Pizza .
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    Great instructable - the instructions are clear and the photos are inviting!

    I'll bet you could put wetter veggies on your pizza without sogginess if you made it on a sheet of parchment and baked it on a preheated pizza stone instead of a silpat on a metal pan. I've had a pizza stone wick away plenty of moisture from pizza, even through a sheet of parchment.

    Also... where's the freshly ground black pepper? :)

    1 reply

    I've been meaning to try a pizza stone, I've heard they make a great crust. Never though of parchment for pizza.. Pizza Thursday is right around the corner.. will have to try it. Fresh ground pepper is always on the table.. thx for the tips.. -LM


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the feedback.. is that a best practice for this type of Instructable, putting the finished food as main image? -LM


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah. It's the only image people see when they're just browsing around, so you want something snappy to catch their eye and make them click on it!