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Introduction: Venus FlyTrap

My son loves plants so much, I decided to make him one.



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    Cute costume regardless. Just a suggestion: Maybe instead of black underclothes - how about green to make him look even more like a plant? Also, what if you made the 'teeth' much larger and paint his face as if it were a trapped fly? Just a thought. Cheers!

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    Thank you for your suggestions, but this was to be a costume that was customized for a very active 5 yr old. The school parade doesn't permit hiding the face and I made this so my son won't have any problems getting around, like jumping and playing and getting on and off the bus for school. Sorry that it isn't your idea of a plant, but it just works out fine for him. Thank you for your input. Sincerely,

    I don't mean any offense, but where's the trap? That's the most important and recognizable part of the VFT, and it's not on the costume.

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    The trap is the top and bottom leaf on his head and his face being trapped in the middle. The mouth is pink and sewed into the bottom leaf under his chin with the fly on it. It's a little hard to see in this picture, but in a close-up picture you would see it better. I didn't show a close-up because you wouldn 't be able to see the whole costume. Thanks for your interest.

    Looks great, and I love your tablecloth. But as Decepticon asks, are we missing the fly trap? Your son does make a cute tree covered in vines and bromeliads, either way. ;)