Vince's Slap-Chop Breakfast to Go in a Snuggie

 Yay! We got a Slap-Chop for Christmas this year. And, earlier this year, I decided to pick up a Snuggie. On a quest to document the ways in which my life has been improved by products Seen on TV, I decided to make: Vince's Slap-Chop Breakfast To Go in a Snuggie!

Step 1: Place Ham on Chopping Surface

We have lots of leftover hickory smoked ham from Christmas dinner, so I grabbed some of that, broke it up a little and placed onto the chopping surface.

Step 2: Add One Hard-Boiled Egg

Next up, I added one hard-boiled egg. My loving wife made lots of deviled eggs for Christmas dinner, so I just ganked one of them and "re-purposed" it to the Breakfast To Go in a Snuggie project.

Step 3: Fear the Pickle

As Vince shows us in the infomercial, we must add one pickle. I only had some full-sized Vlassic pickles on-hand, so I broke one in half. I used one half for the "recipe" and ate the other half immediately.

Step 4: Slap Your Troubles Away!

With ingredients situated as shown, it's now time to start slapping! I slapped this stuff silly...and to my dismay...

Step 5: NOT As Seen on TV

The result was clearly unlike As Seen on TV. Not quite sure where I went wrong, but this was a bit of a disaster.

Step 6: Pickled Body

We somehow ended up with pickle pieces clear up inside the body of the Slap-Chop.

Step 7: Eggtastic

Pieces of egg were stuck in the Slap-Chop blades clear at the top of the assembly. 

Step 8: Miscellany

Miscellaneous bits of ham, boiled egg yolk and pickle were stuck to various parts of the Slap-Chop's blades.

Step 9: Very Nasty!

It's not a good-tasting snack, and we could not figure out how to make it "portable" as indicated in the infomercial's claim of, "Breakfast To Go." Perhaps I've done something very wrongly, but this incident has truly changed my life forever!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It has been posted but still bears repeating. You are missing the guard. There is a semi transparent disk that attaches to the bottom and is held in place by the clear base. That guard is what keeps food from entering the body. The device is has other faults but sadly this is not one of them. I do appreciate you trying to make an interesting meal and instructible though.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Vince l-l-lied?
    No, you can't -
    I -
    It's just -

    I DID love his nuts! I DID!

    Hehe, at school we had to make a video advertising a fictional product, so my friends and I did a Vince-style infomercial advertising a magical microwave oven thing. It was rather amusing :P Wham,. Bam, Slam - ABRA CADABRA, MICRO-KAZAM!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the info at least the slap chop didn't come bundled with his famous nuts that he's always bragging about.

    Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Next you'll be complaining that your ShamWow doesn't transport you back in time to before you spilled Coke on your carpet, either!

    Actually, the trick is that the performance of these informercial specials has to be recorded on film for them to work properly, which is fortunate for us Brits living in the CCTV capital of the world but bad news for everyone else.  I suggest you point a webcam at your kitchen counter and set it constantly uploading to YouTube under the title "SlapChop's Kitchen Nightmares".  You might even record a cat doing something funny and become an overnight internet sensation.

    </cathartic cynicism splurge>

    Doctor What

    9 years ago on Introduction

     I got the Leopard Snuggie for christmas (I gave a pink one and a zebra one as gifts to two of my family members, heheheh).  I love it, but it doesn't seem well made.....  (crap fabric).


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think it was the whole egg that messed things up.  Before I looked at the next step, I saw how the egg was taking up a lot of space and already touching the blades.  I figured the next step would be that you couldnt push down (or slap down) the plunger.   Now you need to do it with some salsa ingredients!  lol


    9 years ago on Step 9

    I was actually going to buy one, but thanks to your little demo I will be saving my money :-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not that it works great with it but you forgot a piece of the slap chop. it goes on between the hopper part and the body to keep stuff from going up into
    the body scrapes of the blade


    9 years ago on Introduction

    OH LORDY, I was laughing so hard I got the dogs barking! Ive read reports on the slap-chop that say pretty much what you showed and Ive used similar products with the same basic results. I think I'll stick with just a good knife !

     What do you think about your snuggie? To me it seems like it has the same drawback as a hospital gown..


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the honest slap chop assessment.  I do wish there was something that would really work as well as shown on TV though!