Vinegar/Baking Soda Grenade





Introduction: Vinegar/Baking Soda Grenade

I knew that vinegar and baking soda made an explosive reaction, so i made this. You throw it and it goes boom in the air!

Step 1: Get Stuff

You need:

a box of baking soda
a bottle of vinegar
a spoon
a ziploc bag
a cup of water
an empty film canister

Step 2: Cut Plastic Bag

Take the ziploc bag and hold it up to the side of the canister, with one of the bottom corners at the bottom of the canister. Cut at the top of the canister to form a triangle with the bag.

Step 3: Pour Vinegar

Take the canister and fill it up about a quarter of the way with vinegar.

Step 4: Add Baking Soda

Use spoon to half-fill the plastic bag corner with baking soda. Place carefully in canister, making sure not to let vinegar in yet. Put lid back on canister.

Step 5: Throw!

Throw the canister in the air towards the street, your enemies, your friends, whatever. Watch it explode in mid-air!

Step 6: Clean Up/prepare for Another Throw

put the bag and the canister in the cup of water to rinse. Repeat from step 3.



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    My friends and I did something similar when we were kids. We'd take some weapons grade plutonium and sandwich it between some high grade explosives and then simultaneous detonate the explosive using a precision discharge timing unit,(built with parts from radio shack). We'd set it off out in the desert and run like hell! The mushroom cloud was quite impressive. Maybe you've seen some of our video's floating around the net? Those were the good old days! Well... I'v got a chemo treatment so I'll catch you later and keep up the good work!

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    A group of Lybians paid me to build a bomb - but I gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts.

    BE CAREFUL! these are not TOYS!
    Unfortuantly I have experiance with these. Back in the early 90's my friend and I were playing around with making these and one went off in my hands. It blew a piece of glass about 2 inches square into my lower forearm and cut my tendons in HALF! Thank god it missed my artery (by mm) but I still had to be rushed to the ER to have surgery to put my tendons back together. Now I have this nice BIG scar from my hand to my elbow because when the tendons were cut they acted like rubber bands (you get the idea).

    One piece of advise, if you are going to play with these NEVER hold them!

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    that sucks BHDs. hey, i understand and totally agree with your warning, as i have much experience with this knida thing too, but why were you using GLASS?

    if you contane it in a pop bottle it wont do any thing. the presher prevents chemical reaction.

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    no, the chemical reaction happens, and  the gasses given off by the reaction pressurize the bottle, but pop bottles (HDPE plastic) dont always pop easily, so use extreme caution. they can blind/lacerate you if they explode near you.

    I'm currently working on a bicarb and vinigar ROCKET LAUNCHER.

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    made one. shot 100+ feet. spooged vinegar solution all over me. it sucked. dismantled it and used parts for BS&V mortar. mortar is better. :)

    That sounds awesome. Tell me how it works out

    this is great and nice instructable.How about putting a weight on the canister then chucking into a pool!

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    hate to ruin this cause its so fun but i got some news: my friends and i were doing these and my mom wanted to see them work. i threw it and my mom was only a couple feet away and the bottle hit her chest hard and ripped a hole right through her shirt. the bruise looked like a high powered paintball gun. all im saying is keep ur distance and be really careful...otherwise these are harmless.

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    you can make a really powerfull grenade but if you made it wrong it can blow off your arms all you do is wrap sodium up in foil and put it in a bottle of hydrocloric acid my brother made this but the foil corroded too fast and it blew up and now hes got one left hand with 2 fingers

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    well, ooooo thats bad, he only has one left hand! (did you mean one hand left? that would suuuck) i have one left ahd too!  i doubt this alot btw