Vintage Vinyle Turntable Clock




Introduction: Vintage Vinyle Turntable Clock

I'm a big fan of music, my childhood was rocked by the vinyls, and one day I found an old turntable that no longer works. I decided to turn it into the most beautiful effect clock. So I'll introduce how to make your original vintage turntable

(PS: This is my first instructables so I hope you enjoy.)

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Step 1: The Material

The tools :

- a Grinder

- a Powerfull Drill

- a Set of Hands or big Needles

The materials :

- a Turntable ( of course )

- a really cool Vinyl

- a Clock Mécanism (with clock hands assorted with the vinyl)

- a résistant iron wire

- screws and nuts

- 1,5 Volts alcaline battery for the mecanism

Facultative :

- 9 Volts Battery

- a Bright LED

Step 2: Find a Cool Turntable

Can still be found easily at flea markets, online or in the attic. The estheticis is the essential criterion of choice ,because in the end it is the aspect of the turntable that represents the personality of the clock .

Step 3: Choose Your Mechanism and Your Clocks Hands

Everything is on the internet, ensure that the clamping ring (gray on the second picture allows well to fix the mechanism on the stage. It is important to check the height of the clocks hands because we will fix the mechanism the rubber disc and a vinyl disk, it is necessary that the clocks hands are at least 5 mm in height to pass over. the size of the needles should not exceed the radius of the plate. the clocks hands are well to be compatible with the mechanism (hole diameter of the hour).

Step 4: Dismantle and Remove Unnecessary

Here we try to remove as much. Including the engine and the rear portion, it allege a lot the clock and , it's by the axis of the deck that will passed the clock mechanism. Use your grinder to remove some material and allege at the maximum the chassis .

Step 5: Prepare the Rotor

With the grinder or a métalical saw , removed a portion of the rotor, in addition to removing some weight this will accommodate the mechanism. Also the center of the rotor is quite thick and the height of the clocks hands does not permite it.

Step 6: Hang the Rubber Support

It is on this support that will hook mechanism and vinyl, so you have to hang on the rotor. I chose to drill small holes in the rotor to pass a thin wire.

Step 7: Attach the Rotor to the Deck

Everything is good to fix, screws, glue (think of file / move to sandpaper the metal bonded parts, for ca glue). I chose first paste, but the glue that I used did not take more than a month. So I cracked the rotor to pass a screw and a nut to the four corners.

Step 8: Mount the Mechanism With Vinyl

Simply unscrew the ring mechanism and move the mechanism in the hole of the rubber disc and vinyl, and then screw the ring. It is possible that you have a slightly larger hole vinyl then do so with caution.

Step 9: Install the Clock Hands

It remains only to put the clocks hands, mechanisms are delivered adjusted to 12, blocked by a small needle in the back. Remove the lock before putting the battery and set the time. I added a red LED powered by a 9v battery under the strobe to add style.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I hope to see your photos of your own .

Thanks for reading , and feel free to leave a comment for my first Instructables.

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    3 years ago

    Cool idea.


    3 years ago

    Well done on your first instructable! Very clear instructions, and the finished clock looks great! : )


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks you so much ;)