Viva Grenada Fruit Punch

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Intro: Viva Grenada Fruit Punch

Hello this is Alexvolos1 and welcome to my Instructable for Fruit Punch.
You will need this:
Apple and Apricot juice
Pineapple juice
Peach juice 
Strawberry juice
Stiring Stick
Ice cubes

Step 1: Making the Ice Cubes

First you must make the Ice cubes.Put a little strawberry juice and make some strawberry-colored ice cubes.Here's a couple:

Step 2: Making the Fruit Punch

You now must add the Juices.First add the Pineapple juice.Then add Strawberry juice,the Apricot and Apple juice and add for the end the Peach juice .

Step 3: Ending the Fruit Punch

Add the Fruit Punch,the Ice cubes and ... its already ready.You can add some Grenade and stir it slowly.The result will be fantastic.Thanks for watching and make your own Fruit Punches and post them at your comments.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It sounds delicious but I think you mean Grenadine and not Grenade! Going to have to try this soon!

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