Water Bottle Sling/carrier




This tutorial uses the bowline knot as base to make the jug or bottle sling knot.

The knot can be loosened and transferred from one bottle to another

Step 1:

I started with a 4' length of cord. 15" from the Working End bring said WE over itself.

Step 2:

Bring WE up through that loop leaving a 3" long bight

Step 3:

Bring WE under Standing End

Step 4:

and down through the loop

Step 5:

Bring WE over one strand of the bight

Step 6:

and under both strands of the bight

Step 7:

Bring WE Over one strand, under two and up parallel to the Standing End

Step 8:

Spread the original loop apart a bit

Step 9:

and slip it over the neck of the water bottle

Step 10:

Grab the small loop ion one hand and the two strands in the other and pull the knot TIGHT under the lip of the bottle

Step 11:

Tie the Working End end Standing End together as close as possible to the knot leaving a long bight opposite the original 3" bight

Step 12:

Put the long bight through the 3" bight

Step 13:

and bring it back over itself

Step 14:

Pull on the two strands of the bight so that the end of the long bight snugs down against the 3" bight. The result is a knot that will self adjust by sliding along itself

Step 15:



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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago on Step 15

    I made a slight variation, I placed the initial bight in the center of the cord so that when I later connected the ends the knot (sheet bend) would end up being at the cinch point of the carrying loops. Also the cord could be made a bit long then easily adjusted to fit the wrist of the user.

    Thanks for a neat little project that is both useful and makes a nice little gift for friends

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    I am glad you made it and modified it to meet your needs.


    1 year ago

    I won't be making the sling/carrier, but that not rocks and it will definitely come in hand. Faved.