Introduction: Whack-A-Mouse

Every time I buy a toy I think my cats will love, they hate it. I have basket full of toys that they never gave a minute of their time.

They would rather play with a plastic bag or a light on the wall, go figure.


Here is a fun remake of an arcade game to play with your cats.


Step 1: Tools & Materials

Cardboard Top (Top of a paper box works well)

Paint stick

Small Cat Toy (Ball or Mouse)



Hole Saw (2")





Step 2: Measure

  • Measure 2 inches from the corner of box. (on the long side)
  • Draw a line (this is where you will cut out)
  • Repeat on other side


Note: Leaving 2 inches leaves a corner that is strong enough for a pouncing cat.

Step 3: Cut

Cut on the line, both sides

Cut off the flap you just created.


Note: This is where you will insert your "mouse" on a stick.

Step 4:

  • Flip cardboard top upside down.

Using the flap as a straight edge:

  • Line it up at 2" from the corner.
  • Draw 2" line across the top.
  • Repeat on other side.


Note: This line will be the "boundary" line for your game. This leaves solid corners and reduces the chances of your cat smashing your game into the ground.

Step 5: Drill Hole

  • Line up the edge of your hole saw with the line you just created
  • Drill 3 holes across that line, evenly spaced
  • Drill 4 rows the opposite way, evenly spaced (Do not pass line)


You are almost done!

Step 6: Glue Toy

You can use super glue or hot glue for this step.


  • On the end of your paint stick, apply a large blob of glue.
  • Attach mouse or ball and hold until glue dries.


Note: You want to glue this really well! Your cat will be biting and tugging on it so make sure it's secure.

Step 7: Practice Run

  • Flip the top over
  • Practice popping the toy in and out of holes.

Agility drills are recommended. (you don't want your first game to be an embarrassment)

Step 8: Bring It On

  • Challenge your cat to a game of whack-a-mouse!

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Wow, great job. I wonder if this would work for outside cats too?


    3 years ago

    good luck in the makers-space contests


    3 years ago

    My cat ignored the pop-up mouse, chewed the box, and ripped out chunks!! He loves to bite cardboard-- so, I just gave him the box and he was happy.