What Happened to My Apps?


Introduction: What Happened to My Apps?

With this simple prank, you can fool people into thinking that you deleted all of their apps, as well as some system apps.

Step 1: Restrictions

Go to Settings, then Restrictions. Tap Enable Restrictions and enter a pass code.

Step 2: Turn Off Everything

Turn all of the switch buttons off.

Step 3: Disallow Apps

Go to Allow Apps Rated..., then tap Don't allow apps.

Step 4: The Result

The victim will wonder what happened to his or her apps!



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    4 Discussions

    Yes. On iPhone you can get the apps back by disabling Restrictions. (Settings > General > Restrictions > [enter passcode] > [turn restrictions off.]) on android, just unhide the apps.

    Can you get the apps back?

    On an android, you can produce the same effect by going to apps, selecting hide applications, and checking all of the apps.

    Heh this is great!