Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits and Changable Disks!!!

Introduction: Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits and Changable Disks!!!

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I think every kid that watches wild kratts loves it and it's one of those great shows that even parents can enjoy. My kids are nuts about it. So when Halloween came round this year I figured the best costume is the one that they will love, can throw on easily, and they can use for dress up play all year long! Not to mention they can pick any animal they want and change it at whim, it's gender neutral, and I only need to figure out how to make it once and then replicate it 4 more times.

For this costume you will need:

black shirt

bright neon fleece in your color choice (I bought 1/3 yd and I have plenty left over for hats and mittens this winter)

clear vinyl (I bought 8" and had enough in the length for all 5 of my costumes)

Sewing machine


Additional things that may be helpful but not required:

card stock



Step 1: Cut Out Your Fleece and Autition

First things first I cut out my pieces and auditioned them in the locations I wanted them. When in doubt cut slightly larger and trim down if needed. This is pretty simple actually just cut the mirror of everything together meaning fold it over and cut two pieces at once. For the side and shoulder pieces I used this same technique but I also cut them longer and then cut the smaller pieces from them so everything matched up easily. I like to start with the bottom and work my way up and I think that is the easiest way to place everything.

You may have noticed that the middle piece is not done yet. That is because you want to print your creature power disks before you cut the center of your paw. So we will get there later. For now pin everything in place and sew sew sew!

Step 2: Creature Power Disks

Time to take a break from the sewing for a bit.

The first picture are the disks I made. You can also do a search and find several others made by other people available for printing.

Print your creature power disks on card stock. I opted to do this at a print store so I didn't use up all of the very expensive ink in our printer. It was simple enough to put it on a jump drive and just tell them I needed it on card stock. It only cost $0.69 per page. However you can do this at home if you would prefer.

Next just cut out all of your circles and laminate them. I got a cheap machine off amazon for around $13 and a pack of 50 sheets for $10. Let me tell you those things are fun to use. I can't wait to laminate something again, lol.

Then cut out your disks again leaving around a 1/4" all around.

Step 3: Paw Center and Back Parts

So now you know the size of your disks. Place one on your fleece and cut it about a 1/2" larger then the disk. This way your disk will be able to fit inside the center of your fleece circle. Once you have your circle use it to cut out your vinyl circle.

Also cut your back pieces, pin, and sew everything on except for the vinyl.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Now it's time to sew on your vinyl. You must do this after you sew the fleece circle on so you are able to leave the top open for disk changes.

Now CELEBRATE because your DONE!!!!



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    16 Discussions

    my two sons and daughter love the Wild Kratts show and my daughter wants to do one for Halloween next year instead of a black T-shirt have you thought about maybe a tank top or something like that or a vest that could be used to make the outfit?

    1 reply

    They are pretty awesome. She has good taste. I wish they were still on netflix. I'd rather mine still watch them than some of the other kid shows.

    With a vest you'll need to figure out a way to make the creature power disks removable with a front closure. I'm sure you could figure something out to make that work if you constructed the entire garment. I just chose the black tshirts because I wanted something relatively fast and easy since I had 5 kids to sew for.

    I will say that if you size up on the shirts like we did that it makes them pretty easy to pull on and off. My kids still play with their creature power suit shirts and they get in and out of them as easily as any of the store bought dress up stuff we have.

    Lol, yep. Mine do too. I remember watching the Kratt brothers older show when I was a kid so when we discovered the newer animated Wild Kratts it was so cool. My kids have been fans since the first time they saw it which was when my 7yr old was around 3 or 4. She would walk around telling people about Peregrine falcons and Draco lizards. It was hilarious and quite impressive.

    Glad I'm not the only one who remembers, lol. My husband had never seen
    the old one so when we first watched wild kratts and I yelled out
    "ZAMBOOMAFOO!", he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I think they had
    another show at some point as well that was geared toward older kids. I
    think it was called Be the Creature or something similar.

    yep that's another one the Kratt brothers are really great and fun hosts. Im just supprised that they haven't done a wild kratt with a sifaka lemurs

    Oh wow I had to look that up. For some reason I had remembered him as being a ring tailed lemur. I was pretty young at the time when it was on so I guess that's why I remembered him wrong. How funny. You're totally right though.

    I really hope they do decide to make an episode with Sifaka lemurs. That would be really cool.

    that it would, I recently rented zobomafo from the library for my little ones to wacth its still a fun show.

    I've been thinking about getting it for them but I'm not sure if they would be disappointed because they are used to Wild Kratts. Knowing them they'd probably still love it though. :-)

    These costumes are great! I love the details, and that you made them so they can swap out their power disks! So cool.

    3 replies

    Might want to swap the photo of your kids into the main photo spot in the intro rather than the shot from the show. Just a tip! :)

    Thank you so much. They have used them for dress up play everyday since Halloween. They love changing the disks.