Willow Plant Support

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Create your own willow wigwam plant support for your garden

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Step 1: Step 1. Materials and Equipment

You will need 7 strong willow or hazel sticks to create the uprights, a pair of secateurs, approximately 15 long flexible willow whips and either some soft ground to stick the uprights in or a pot filled with soil.

Step 2: Step.2

Push the uprights into the ground or pot, check they are evenly spaced, use your hand as a guide

Step 3: Step.3

Using the flexible willow create 3 - 4 hoops decreasing in size, add a second length of willow to each one and leave the ends poking out, this will help you position it within the uprights

Step 4: Step.4

This bit is fiddly, place your largest hoop within the uprights, use the ends to anchor it to the uprights. Wiggle it into place, if you are struggling use some string to hold it in place while you add more willow

Step 5: Step.5

Weave the ends in and out of the uprights to fix the hoop to the frame in a sewing action.

Step 6: Step.6

Add another piece of willow by tucking the thicker end of the willow into the hoop and then use the fine tip to use a sewing action to weave in and out of the hoop making sure you have an equal amount of willow either side of the uprights

Step 7: Step.7

Repeat with the remaining hoops

Step 8: Step.8

Tie the top of the wigwam, I have used a fine piece of willow but string will work perfectly

Step 9: Finished!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Genius! I could've used one of these for my tomato plant, but I found an abandoned cage :) Thanks for sharing!