Wine Barrel Organic Food Garden




Introduction: Wine Barrel Organic Food Garden

We built this organic food garden earlier this year. There is no yard, so we used wine barrels from a local vineyard.

The barrels are made of French oak, stained with a red wine that smells delightful! They are hardy and beautiful. They also act as a visual and acoustic softener for the otherwise hard space.

After designing the spatial orientation using Google Sketchup 7, we placed the barrels in position and filled the bottom with drainage stone (13mm gravel). We added 30% compost and the rest potting soil mixed with a bonemeal to boost root growth. Note: barrels were drilled in the base to allow for drainage.

The barrels are planted according to companion planting methodology - placing plants and herbs together that are mutually beneficial, e.g. apple trees and alliums (onions family).

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    The barrels are so beautiful! What a great idea. How did you approach the local vineyard in asking for the barrels?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Emily. Thank you for the affirmation and feedback! We found a supplier of the barrels who collected directly from the wine farms and cut them in two halves before delivering them to me. A very reasonable price, about R150 ($20) for each half-barrel.