Wine Holder




Introduction: Wine Holder

Step 1: Board

find board like this: 26 x 9 x 1,5 cm.

Step 2: Circle

draw circle and cut hole and slant 45 - 50 º

Step 3: Slant

45 - 50 º

Step 4: Mount :)

put wine into the hole

Step 5: Finish

good luck



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    16 Discussions

    I made one of these several years ago, though I modded the shape with a band saw. It's very amusing to use.

    This 'tble is pretty hypocritical !!!
    The video ends up with an invitation to "enjoy" !!!!
    But how can we do that with a wine holder that requires the bottle to remain uncorked ?????


    You need to specify what degree to drill the hole, what size to drill it, and whether you can use a full bottle of wine, etc.

    I did this and found that for a standard bottle of wine it worked better to go closer to 50 degrees than 45. You can make the hole thru the wood straight or slanted. Slanted will allow the bottle to balance more parallel to the counter. I used a hols saw to cut the hole, then a wood rasp to put the angles on it.

    It looks like the hole is slanted as well. Does it need to be at an angle or will a straight cut work?

    a very neat idea, ive seen some before but ive never known the exact dimensions of how to make one
    Here should be a link to the one i have

    If the only thing that goes better with wine is cheese, why not add some cutting board features to the stand itself so that it may be used double-duty? Make the oard out of butcherblock material! Nicely done as-is though! P.S. I have a late 70's Popular Mechanics Magazine with the same thing in it, as well as a mid 50's Mother Earth News. A timeless project indeed!

    Awesome. Father is a wine connoisseur and this will make an interesting birthday gift.

    ....they sell ones for 2 liter bottles for like $20.....any chance you might make another instructable.......

    Equilibrium is a wonderful thing, though technically its a state of being, not a thing.

    the sad part is, that I've actually paid for these before and I've always known that they are this simple... guess it is about time I make one myself

    wait a minute, this stands up by itself by way of leverage only? that is so neat!