Wiring Up Neon Light Workshop Sign - BBKP

I did a neon sign workshop the other weekend.  I hadn't left the country in two years, not that I really go on holiday, but I was in need to doing something a little different.  The opportunity to get involved in a day course with http://www.neonworkshops.com/ came up, and I took it.  I tinkered around on the torches while this was made for me in about 15 minutes.  I think I could have cracked the technique, but it would have probably taken me a couple hours to produce lettering, and not as well as was done by the professional.  This simple video shows the wiring process.  I will in the next couple week build a Perspex box for this.  In the final wiring, it is important to keep the two cords which run from the transformer separate as contact could cause them to melt together.



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