Wooden Car




simple, organic, non-toxic wooden car for yor lovely kids.

Step 1: Cut the Car Body With Jigsaw.

I didnt use any ruler or angle tool. Just use your eyes to give an angular round shape to the wood. Use a jigsaw to perform the body of the car.

Step 2: Drill Windows and Axes of the Car

I used a drill punch set in order to drill
the Windows and axes of the car. Measure it according to your eyes.

Step 3: Make the Wheels

use a punch tool to drill the wheels from another wood. the size of the wheels depends on your pleasure. I didn't want them too big. also make a pair of two wooden pieces to hold the wheel mill later on.

Step 4: Mills and Wheels

connect the wheels into the mills. mills are just a pair of sticks. then put them to their places. and screw the rectangle wooden pieces onto them. make sure not to use glue! because we need to make the wheel sticks rotate.



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