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Step 1: Tools and Materials



double ducktape / glue

black marker


No. 240 sandpaper (fine sanding)

Step 2: How to Make

find dry branches with a diameter of 1.5 cm or more

if there stil wet, you can dry it with a dry approximately one week (depending on the type of wood)

or you can use the former building or furniture may be damaged

cut into 3 parts, each with a length of 2.3 cm, 1.9 cm, 1.5 cm

create a box using the cutter

to 1.5 cm in length branches cut into 4 pieces

two boxes for the legs cut into 1 cm

sandpaper all the boxes

paste the total with doublesided ducktape or glue

Step 3: Finishing

for the eyes and mouth with a marker

enjoy :p

note : size can be adjusted according to your wishes

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    2 years ago

    Nice toy to make as a companion if want to get lost in the wilderness! Will make one for my survival kit!