Woven Telephone Wire Wall Hanging




Introduction: Woven Telephone Wire Wall Hanging

My dad and I made this wall hanging from telephone wire he had laying around. We used his loom to weave the wire. The hanging is roughly a 4 foot square. We first organized the wire by color using this website. The left half of the piece is a mirror image of the right and the bottom is a mirror of the top. 



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    I am very surprised this does not have more comments. I really like it and think you did great work. One thing did pop into my head though while I was looking at the picture of it hanging on the wall.

    One thing you could have added was LED lights either at random or to form a simple image such as a smile face. Heck if you like the idea then you could always add them later. Great work!

    put little tiny magnetic toroids at each junction, and you have core!

    That looks amazing, I love the colour pattern.