XO Tape Dispenser

Introduction: XO Tape Dispenser

XO Tape  dispenser  

The form of the XO Tape dispenser is inspired by the crossing of roads to create an intersection. The dispenser is designed for optimum functionality, and minimal use of energy and material in manufacturing and packaging.

XO Tape consists of two identical injection-molded plastic (polystyrene) parts and a roll of tape. It is easy to assemble for use, and easy to disassemble for reloading with new tape, or for recycling. Manufacturing is simplified because the two parts are minimal, flat, easy-to-mold shapes, using less material than a common single-use tape dispenser. Because only one mold is required, less material and energy are used in tooling.  The dispenser is packaged “knocked-down,” saving shipping volume and cost.

Our goal is to maximize the useful life of XO, by encouraging its re-use with replacement rolls of tape. It can also act as a paperweight on a desktop, or even used as a penholder or a stacking game.
The design of XO Tape’s packaging takes advantage of the product’s ability to be knocked-down, and enables a space-efficient, densely-packed retail display.  The package is a single, die-cut card in which the two plastic parts and the roll of tape are nested.

No adhesive is used. The consumer simply removes the parts from the card and slips them together to capture the tape and create the dispenser’s final form.  When the tape is used up, the parts slide apart to allow a replacement roll to be installed.

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/57071471

Designers: Wan Yu Lin -Product Design, RIT Industrial Design
                     Yang-Hsin Chen-Packaging Design, RIT Computer Graphic Design

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