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Introduction: YALK - Yes Another Led Kitchen

This is my new "weekend-project" : change all my halogen bulbs in led!

In my kitchen i have 3x50w halogen bulbs on my wood table,
today i have change two of this with two led bulbs (3x3w=9w each).
The result is brilliant!! See pictures...

So i want to change all my halogen bulbs, i have also 5 on the right side of table.

Materials needed:
- 5-meter water resistant LED Strip [ LED 3528 200mcd 120° ](8$ Ebay)
- 12v power supply (24watt) (2$ Ebay)
- Bulbs of 9watt (3x3W) (13$ Ebay)
- Silicon
- Scissors
- Soldering

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Step 1: Change Bulbs

Change all halogen bulbs with led bulbs is very easy...

See in the last picture of this step how two led bulbs (two on the left) are much bright than the single halogen (on the right)

Step 2: Fix LEDs Strips

1° - Clean all surfaces with a degreaser

2° - Solder the wires to the LED strips

3° - Close the ends of the strips with silicon

4° - Glue the strips under the cabinets with silicon

Step 3: Electrical Connections

1° - Create a small wooden box (or any other material) to hide cables and power supply

2° - Connect a small switch between the power outlet and power supply 12v

3° - Connect all cables to the power supply

4° - Switch on!

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    4 years ago

    Can you change 250v 100w halogen into led?