Yarn Headband

Introduction: Yarn Headband

This headband is really cool and easy accessory that you can make yourself simply with a package of yarn and five fingers.

Step 1:

Follow the rules for "T-shirt Yarn" by Jessyratfink or buy a ball of yarn.

Step 2:

Cut a good a length of yarn if you have a ball of it.

Step 3: Holding the Yarn

Hold the yarn between the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand.

Step 4: Index Finger (front)

With your less dominant hand wrap the yarn in front of the index finger.

Step 5: Middle Finger (behind)

Wrap the yarn behind the middle finger.

Step 6: Ring Finger (front)

Wrap the yarn in front of the ring finger.

Step 7: Behind and Around

Wrap the yarn behind the pinky and around.

Step 8: Ring Finger (behind)

Wrap the yarn back behind the ring finger.

Step 9: Middle Finger (front)

Wrap in front of the middle finger.

Step 10: Index Finger (behind)

Wrap it back and behind the index finger.

Step 11: Repeat

Do that one and a half more times.

Step 12: You're Here

Now you're suppose to have two strings on each finger.

Step 13:

Start with the index finger (it could be the pinky). Pull the first string up above the finger and let it go. If it is really tight on your fingers give it a little slack (especially the middle finger). Do that till you get to the pinky (index finger).

Step 14:

Repeat Steps 4 through 13. Pull the yarn up above the middle finger.

Step 15:

Pull the yarn above the ring for inger.

Step 16:

Pull the yarn above the pinky.

Step 17:

Pull the string all the way off and Ty the two strings.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This just brought back sooo many memories!!! My little sister and I used to make garlands for the Christmas tree using this technique!

    Thanks for posting!