When Animals Speak.

Animals : I love horses,cows, and cats. Colors: My favorite is royal purple, but mixed together...

Intro: When Animals Speak.

You will need:
A victim
and a pet that stays in a cage (Rabbit, Parrot, Rat, etc.)

Step 1: Placing the Walkies-talkie

Make sure you go to the pet before your victim does. Put one Walkies-talkie next to (or inside) the cage. Make sure it is turned on!

Step 2: Trick Your Victim

When your victim goes to say hi to the pet or even just walks past the cage. Speak into the Walkies-talkie Say something like 'Hey you are you going to feed because I am starving" to get the victims attention. Hide in a nearby closet or something so you can hear you victims response. then continue talking.

Step 3: Prank Complete

Wait for your victim to run away to get somebody. Retrieve the walkies-talkie. When the victim comes back he or she will look crazy.



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